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We’re Hiring for Our Grantseeking Team!





As you may know, Writing to Make a Difference focuses on both grantseeking and content development. Right now, we are looking to add a few excellent sub-contractors to our team to help complete client work on grant proposals or reports on a variety of topics. Might you be the person we are seeking?


  • Expand your client base without having to attract or manage client relationships or engage in business development
  • Opportunity to deepen your knowledge on a variety of (possibly new) topics
  • Opportunity to accept or decline any specific assignment without jeopardizing an entire client relationship
  • Opportunities for professional feedback, dialogue, and collaboration


  • At least 8 years of successful experience writing grant proposals and/or reports for foundations, corporate funders, and/or government agencies (experience as an independent consultant preferred)
  •  Availability 5-15 hours per month for at least 3-6 months, with an interest in potential long-term affiliation
  • Content knowledge in your area/s of expertise and/or resourcefulness to get up to speed quickly
  •  Strong writing, storytelling, editing, proofreading skills
  • Ethics/integrity/reliability (including avoidance of conflicts of interest)
  • Strong listening/interviewing skills
  • Budgeting and/or funder prospect research skills a plus

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Featured Service: Website Reviews

I am excited to now offer thorough website content reviews!

If you are planning to update your website, you may benefit from an outsider’s professional review. We’ll spotlight areas of special concern, such as:

  • Do you answer your reader’s top 3 questions? (What are you about? Is this site for me? Why should I care?)
  • Who are the users of the site and how can you best serve them?
  • Does the site focus on the benefits you provide?
  • Are you maximizing your text throughout the site?
  • How are you doing on content placement, categorization, and navigation?
  • Is your graphic design complementing your words?
  • Are you using any Search Engine Optimization techniques?

Get a taste of what website assessment looks like in my October 30 webinar or contact me to learn more. (Mention that you’re a newsletter subscriber and you’ll receive a special discount.)

Social Enterprise Alliance Conference 2017: Our Takeaways

[We are continuing our series on the highlights and key takeaways from social impact and innovation conferences around the world. You can view our calendar of upcoming conferences, and let us know of others you’d like to share!]

I was pleased to attend my first national conference of the Social Enterprise Alliance (@SocEnt Alliance) in Los Angeles last month. I was fortunate enough to meet David Coy (reachable here), Senior Marketing & Communications Associate at a leading organization that invests in the growth and effectiveness of social enterprises: REDF. David graciously agreed to share some of his thoughts from the conference, as he has attended three of these gatherings.

With several hundred participants, the conference showcased a wide variety of social enterprises that broke into two broad categories: 1) nonprofits running a social impact business to help fund their operations and carry out their missions, and/or 2) for-profit businesses with a bottom line that includes a social/environmental purpose.

The biggest takeaway for me? The sector is realizing that their marketing actually has to spotlight quality on BOTH sides of the equation: both the story of their social impact AND the effectiveness and efficiency of their entrepreneurial venture’s product.

For us communicators, this is important. In the past, we may have wanted to focus our reader’s attention on the social good that emerges from social enterprise work (empowering communities, offering meaningful work to hard-to-employ folks, producing recycled or recyclable products, etc.). But just as important is communicating the high quality, desirability, and benefits to the consumer that each product or service provides.

David got the same impression: “You need to lead your brand with a quality product or service. Too many social enterprises lead with the social impact or who the business empowers.” Instead, we learned, “Put forth a quality product and use its social benefit as the ‘add-on’ to trigger a purchase as part of marketing.”

That gets to the heart of one of the key rules in marketing: “Know thy customers and keep listening to what matters to them.” Continue reading